Art 1

Aaron Knight

Natomas High

 Art 1 Syllabus

Art 1 is a beginning art survey course that is designed to provide all skill levels with an opportunity to explore the elements and principles of art. Students will begin distance learning by building a sketchbook of concepts that will be directly related to larger future assignments. Students will be researching artists and art movements. Students will be demonstrating knowledge via slide presentations in zoom. Access to art materials will be determined on an ongoing basis. My goal is to use a variety of artist materials, such as graphite, ink, colored pencils, watercolor, tempera paint, etc. My goal is to provide students of any skill level challenging assignments. There are no prerequisites to take this course. This course is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for the visual arts. A full year of the Art 1 course will satisfy your 10 credits toward your Visual and Performing Art (VAPA) units, or elective units. 5 credits for Fall / 5 credits for Spring.

Our class will use to conduct class meetings. During class students will be given instruction, demo and materials. Our class will use breakout rooms in Zoom for students to work on assignments independently and in small groups. 

Students that are enrolled in Art 1 are required to show effort to engage in applying the skills, techniques and knowledge provided in this course. Students will have many opportunities to demonstrate understanding via their art projects, learning activities, classroom critiques, writing assignments and one-on-one discussions with the teacher.

There are no fees for this course. Natomas Unified School District will supply all necessary materials for students to earn their grades. Students must be respectful of our equipment (Chromebooks). Supplies for this class are open to what you have available. A supply list is provided only for students that choose to purchase for themself.

Grades – Student performance is evaluated based on effort, following directions, completing projects on time, originality, creativity, craftsmanship, attendance and attitude. Final grades will reflect growth or lack of growth in these areas.

Art Supplies for Art 1

As we begin the 2020 school year from a distance you will need to find, borough, or purchase a few basic supplies. Your grade is not dependent on these supplies. If you are unable to obtain these supplies you will need to complete your assignments as best as you are able, with whatever supplies and materials you do have available. Having basic supplies will make your projects more meaningful, and the instructions will also make more sense.

Once we all get back into a classroom setting I will be able to supply our classroom with materials. Until then…

           Materials and supplies                                         Alternatives

9” x 12” sketchbook
You could also use blank 8.5” x 11” printer paper and 3-ring binder.
The binder should NOT be used for
other classes, or else your work will be very wrinkled.
Drawing pencils – HB, 2B and 6BYellow #2 pencils will also work.
Pencil sharpenerrazorblade
12” RulerThe straight edge of a bookbinding would also work.
A box of colored pencilsCrayons
Black sharpie marker – Fine point
and ultra-fine point.
Ballpoint pen
Tracing paper

CA Dept. of Education Art Standards



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