Landscape Drawing – Final

For your final project of Q2, you will be creating a landscape drawing.
Apply the techniques that we used on the learning activities to create a landscape drawing that has all the required pieces.

Required pieces for a landscape…

  1. Foreground – Show details, dark values, big objects.
  2. Middleground – Some detail, medium values, and medium-sized objects.
  3. Background – No detail of small objects, Light value and small objects.
  4. Trees, bushes, and grass.
  5. Mountains.
  6. Rocks.

If you are able to add other accessories such as a little house, a stream, a trail, an animal, etc. that is a great idea.
Be creative and have fun with this idea.

Craftsmanship will be very important to your grade. Please do not rush through drawing your landscape. Invest your best effort to draw your required pieces.

If you have good paper please use it on this assignment. I would prefer that you did not use lined paper on your final.

Please take time to create a good photograph of your drawing. Hold the camera as close to your drawing as possible. Use good lighting. The sun in the middle of the day will create good light. No shadows over the image, please.