Art 2

Art 2

Natomas High

Aaron Knight


Students enrolled in Art 2 must have completed Art 1 with a passing grade. Art 2 is not a beginning art class. Students enrolled in Art 2 are expected to have an understanding of the Elements (line, shape, color, value, texture, space/perspective) and Principles (pattern, rhythm / movement, proportion / scale, balance, unity, and emphasis) of art. Students will be expected to use the elements and principles of art to convey a message, a feeling, or a new perspective. Each student will be asked to develop and understand their creative process. 

Skills will build upon each other as our class go through the semester. Each project will be introduced via a learning activity, where skills will be introduced and explored. Students who invest effort will have a solid understanding of larger assignments. Our class will focus on skills such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking. Students will also have an opportunity to work digitally in Adobe Photoshop.

Students enrolled in Art 2 will also do research, create class presentation, and participate in critiques of other students’ art works. 

My goal is to provide students with challenging assignments. This course is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for the visual arts. A full year of the Art 2 course will satisfy your 10 credits toward your Visual and Performing Art (VAPA) units, or elective units. 5 credits for Fall / 5 credits for Spring.

There are no fees for this course. Natomas Unified School District will supply all necessary materials for students to earn their grades. Students may bring their own materials to supplement our class supplies. Students must be respectful of our classroom supplies. If there is excessive damage to our supplies, our materials may be taken away or a bill to replace broken materials will be submitted to the person who is responsible. Grades will not be entered until the fees are paid.

Grades – Student performance is evaluated based on effort, following directions, completing projects on time, originality, creativity, craftsmanship, attendance and attitude. Final grades will reflect growth or lack of growth in these areas.

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