NHS – Rules and Expectations

NHS -Class rules and expectations

1.“Our classroom is a place for learning.”

Behavior that is distracting to yourself and other
students around you is not acceptable!

2. Our class follows all the rules set forth in the Natomas High School handbook

Natomas High School Student Handbook.

  • Hall passes / Bathroom passes
  • Tardy policy
  • Dress Code
  • Academic honesty
  • Cell phone use
  • etc.

3.The Teacher’s role in our classroom

  • I will respect each student.
  • I will create an environment where each student is safe to learn.
  • I will provide a rigorous schedule of learning activities to provide students with the knowledge and skills to satisfy the standards set forth by the school district as part of the curriculum.
  • I will assign each student a grade based on the effort put forth to succeed.
  • I will see successes and failures as an opportunity to learn.

4.The Student’s role in our classroom

  • Each student will respect the teacher, the other students and themselves.
  • Each student will respect our classroom property and materials.
  • Each student will be prepared to learn everyday by having the required tools and materials to complete their assignments.
  • Each student will do his or her best to succeed and learn.
  • Each student will see successes and failures as an opportunity to learn.

5. Classroom Participation –

My grading policy is based on each student’s ability to complete assignments and contribute to our class. 1 point will be earned each day by completing assignments, engaging in classroom discussions, helping other students, and completing Learning Activities. A failure to engage in the class activities and assignments will result in a lower grade.

1 point will be taken away for…
Wasting time
Excessive / distracting socializing
Not sitting in your assigned seat
Use of inappropriate language
Disrespectful use of the cell phone
Wandering around the class
Cutting class
Disrupting / disrespecting the classroom environment
Referral to the office

Valuable instructional time is lost when you are not in class. Our learning environment is diminished when students are absent or have an unexcused tardy. Students who are absent or have an unexcused tardy, 3 or more times within a one month period will loose an equivalent point value. Excused absences will not affect the class participation points. The first and second unexcused absences and unexcused tardies will not effect the class participation points. Class participation points will be entered at the end of each month. Parents will be contacted in the case of chronic absences or tardies.

If you wish to recover your lost points for the day you were absent / tardy, you will be assigned a review of our current topic. Long-term absences will compound into a small project that will be discussed on a per student basis. If you plan on being absent for a long period of time you need to apply for independent study through the office and get approval from all your teachers.

6. Boundaries and Consequences –

I will give students a warning when they are getting close to crossing our classroom boundaries for acceptable behavior. Consequences will be assigned for unsafe behavior, defiance, lying, cheating, misuse of electronic devices, engaging in distracting behaviors, disrespectful behavior or failure to follow the rules set forth by NHS. Consequences may include: removal from the classroom, chores, time after class, a phone call home, detention, classroom suspension or a referral to the Vice Principal’s office. Our behavior is a direct reflection of our beliefs and choices. Those who choose not to learn from the rules must learn from the consequences.

7. Cell Phones and Electronic Devices Policy

As with any other personal items, students who bring cell phones to school do so at their own risk. The school staff and administration is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or other electronic devices.

Often times students use cell phones/electronic devices to send inappropriate images to other students’ cell phones, text friends during class times, or send answers to tests or quizzes to their friends during the test or quiz. Cell phones that ring or vibrate disrupt the class. If your child does bring a cell phone/electronic device to school, please advise them to keep it out of site (this also avoids temptation from others to take their phone) and powered off. During the restricted time devices are not to be visible or heard, not even to check the time, messages from family, or calculator features unless given permission to do so by School Staff for academic or administrative purposes. Also many devices are confiscated from the friends of the original owner of the device. In order to ensure your child has ready access to their phone at the appropriate times, advise them not to allow other students to borrow their phone. Students must adhere to individual classroom and teacher policies regarding electronic devices. Students will receive disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use of electronic devices in class. Teachers and Staff also reserve the right to confiscate electronic devices after students’ failure to comply with classroom policies. Upon confiscation, the student’s parent/guardian may be required to meet with administration and receive the confiscated item. Repeated issues with electronic devices will result in further disciplinary action.

It is important to understand that while technology is ingrained in daily life, it is an unfortunate fact that electronic devices can be and are stolen on campus. Also, phones and other electronic recording devices have been used to incite fights through the use of text messages, and recording features on the device. Students identified as using cell phones/electronic devices for the purpose of bullying, harassing, intimidating, threatening, arranging the sale/exchange of controlled substances or inciting conflict on campus will be suspended from school. Natomas High School is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is important to note it is against Education Code and Penal Code for anyone to record another person for any reason without their knowledge and consent. Students who do this will receive disciplinary consequences regardless of the purpose/reasons for the recording.

Students are only allowed to use cell phones/electronic devices before school, during lunch, and after school, if not attending any school academic or administrative programs such as tutoring and detentions. Music from electronic devices can only be listened to through personal headphones for the individual student to hear only and not to be played to be heard by several people. Student are not to use cell phone/electronic devices during class time and passing periods unless given permission by school staff for academic or administrative purposes. Students are not allowed to be on their devices while walking to from or waiting in any of the offices for any reason unless given permission by school staff. Student may not charge phones/electronic device at school unless using the device in class for academic purposes. Violation of this policy will result in the following consequences:

1st offense – Confiscated and returned to student at the end of the school day
2nd offense – Confiscated and returned to student at the end of the school day
3rd offense – Confiscated, student receives after school detention, device returned to student end of school day
4th offense – Confiscated, student receives after school detention, parent picks up device & meets with Admin.
5th & additional offenses – Confiscation, student receives suspension, parent pick up

Parent pick up does not have to be the parent. It can be any adult 21 or over parent/guardian gives permission to pick up on their behalf. Parent/guardian must contact the school and speak to an administrator to inform them of the adult’s name they are giving consent to. All confiscated items will be brought to the office by school staff to be logged and locked up for pick up at the end of the school day.

8.Assigned Seats –

Students will be required to stay in their assigned seats during the entire class period. A reason that you would need to be out of your seat would be 1. Getting supplies 2. Group activities 3. Going to see the teacher for assistance 4. Cleaning up.

9. Absences –

Students are still responsible for learning activities and assignments even if you are absent. If a student has a long term excused absence Mr. Knight will provide a case-by-case assessment of work to be done. If possible, please discuss your expected absences before leaving. The school may require students to apply for independent study if they will be absent for an extended period of time. All work must be turned in no later than the last day of the grading period.

10. Late work –

To create a classroom that accommodates many different learning and working styles students will always be allowed to turn in their work and have it graded without penalty.If there is a compelling reason why a student was not able to complete their projects during studio time or at home, a timeline should be discussed with Mr. Knight. Students must ask Mr. Knight for additional time to complete their project.

Mr. Knight will not grade past work one week before Winter break or one week before Summer break.

11. Code of Academic Integrity

Students attending Natomas High School are expected to conduct themselves honorably while in pursuit of their education. Cheating, plagiarism, and fraud violate ethical rules of conduct will not to be tolerated at Natomas High School. Students who continuously violate the NHS code of Academic Integrity may be subject to administrative discipline. Students violating this policy on semester final exams will receive a failing grade on the exam and other disciplinary consequences. Students who are caught cheating will loose all the points for that particular assignment. The person willing shares their work with another student (for purposes of cheating) also will loose the points for that particular assignment.

12. Missing Assignments –

Students are responsible for all missing assignments. The student must replace missing or lost work. Students are responsible for checking Infinite Campus to see if they have missed an assignment.

13. Disclosure… I, the teacher, have the right to alter the expectations of our class as needed to improve learning of the individuals involved.

Open door policy- Your feelings and concerns are important to your success. Students who have a say in how their classroom operates are more likely to want to contribute in a positive way. If there is something that is bothering you or you have a concern that is making it difficult for you to be engaged in the classroom activities, please feel free to express your concerns to me so I can create an environment where we all feel safe and happy to learn.