What is a metaphor? – Metaphor explained

What is a visual metaphor?

Examples of Common Metaphors

  1. He has a heart of stone.
  2. He is the shining star of our school.
  3. She has the heart of a lion.
  4. For me, time is money.
  5. A blanket of snow covered the streets.
  6. When you are feeling blue call out to me.
  7. My memory is a bit cloudy about the incident.
  8. She got a glowing review this year.
  9. His monkey mind is always full of new ideas.
  10. life is a rollercoaster that everyone has to go through.

Finish this drawing of a brain by adding another object to create a metaphor.

The drawing could express confusion, strength, a new idea, forgetting, waking up, dreaming, getting old, being in a hard situation, having fun, etc.

How to make a metaphor

Day 1

Day 2

Visual metaphors

How to decode a metaphor

Pick one image from above.

  1. List the objects that are being shown.
  2. What contextual clues does the background tell us?
  3. Explain the message the piece is sending by discussing how the objects are connected.

Day 3 Mechanical vs. Natural

Day 4 make a list and expand characteristics

Day 5 – Make a sketch of your visual metaphor