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Name Plate

What do you Love.

What do you Observe

What do you Value?


What do you want to Expand or Evolve?

9 Variations
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7 popsicle sticks - Unlimited toothpicks - 3 points touching the table.

5 popsicle sticks - Unlimited toothpicks - 1 point touching the table.

Unlimited popsicle sticks - Unlimited toothpicks - How high can you build your sculpture?

You can break toothpicks. Do not break popsicle sticks.
Paper Origami Box

Personalize your box. Before folding the box, use pattern to fill the square paper's front and back. Use simple shapes, lines, and colors.

Life Raft – small group activity.pdf


Directions – A group of 4 students must work together to create a list of 8 items that they will need to survive on a life raft. The items must be suggested and approved by the member of the group. Each member gets a least one of their items. The items will be presented and explained to the class.

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse Drawing. 

I am going to give you a very limited amount of time to create just the top of your drawing. The top will be from the neck to the top of the creature. Be creative with how many eyes the creature has. Be creative with the size of your creature's head. Maybe the creature has more than one head that comes out of its neck? HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

  • Where does this creature live?
  • How does this creature move?
  • What does this creature eat?
  • How would you describe the texture of this creature?
  • What special powers or abilities does this creature have?
Exquisite Corpse Paper Version